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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote in [community profile] temple_of_the_dodekatheon2015-05-14 08:33 pm
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inaugural post! I hope the omens are good—

I intend this community to be a virtual temple to the Twelve Olympians. I also intend this community to be a gathering-place for their followers. What that means in practice, I admit to not being sure.

I am curious what colors other people associate with each of the gods. My list—which seems to have sprung out of my head practically fully-formed—is as follows:

Zeus blue/gold
Hera blue/white
Poseidon blue/green
Demeter green/gold
Athena purple/white
Apollo gold/white
Artemis silver/black
Ares red/black
Aphrodite pink/gold
Hephaestus gold/black
Hermes blue/red
Dionysus red/purple
Hestia red/gold

Feel free to share your color associations or borrow mine.

If you're joining us, please introduce yourself in the comments.

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